About Us

We Produce and supply the most practical and high quality
  • Communication software
  • Communication hardware
  • Telecommunication equipment

The Most Applicable Products

 Providing the most practical products in the communications field

Highest Quality

Offering hardware and software products with the highest quality

The Lowest Price

Offering the most reasonable price in terms of quality of products and services compared to competitors

Fast delivery

Supplying and delivering products as fast as possible

Superior Support Services

Providing superior support services by top experts

Knowledge-based Products

Manufacturing and supplying o knowledge-based products with the highest level of innovation in the world

Respina Licenses and Honors

License to import, buy and sell radio equipment

Telecommunications Union Membership

Guild system license

Knowledge-based Certification

Producing and supplying practical and high-quality products and equipment for the development of communication in Iran with the fastest delivery time, lowest prices and the best service support.

Becoming the best and largest provider and supplier of communication equipments in Iran.

  • Customer satisfaction
  • superiority in quality and performance
  • Stability, consistency and diligence in delivering superior products and services
  • Empathy with customers
  • Innovation in Products and Services
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